More About Me

My Story

My love of real estate began over 20 years ago. Being involved in my own transactions led me to a curiosity about my local Seattle market and subsequently, building wealth and financial security through home ownership, real estate investments and passive income streams.

In the span of about four years, I did eight personal transactions with the same agent and that kindled the spark for me to become a licensed Realtor. My agent modeled for me grace, perseverance, loyalty, tenacity and ethics, under all types of market conditions and stressors. The hard work that she and I did all those years ago has continued to pay off for me. Passive income can be the best financial security!

I am especially passionate about having a mission-driven business that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in the Real Estate marketplace. There is a large part of our population who have not had access to the financial freedom and security that home ownership provides. I am committed to promoting a welcoming and inclusive culture and showing all folx how to chart a path towards real estate ownership and investing. 

My background is in nonprofit event planning and fundraising. Mission driven work and client cultivation are my jam. My job for years has been to hone in on the details, to know a client inside and out so that I can navigate and anticipate their needs. I excel at communication and don’t shy away from hard conversations. You have to faith and trust in your partnerships, especially when negotiating for your biggest investment.

The trust I build with clients is quite possible what I love best about this industry. Every aspect from a presentation to planning the timeline, from staging to negotiating involves trust. Even being down in the weeds because there is always a lesson to learn and that lesson helps me to do better and be better moving forward. This job is all about education, collaboration and community, and I love being able to guide and mentor my clients during big transactions.

Every transaction comes with a huge sense of accomplishment, lessons learned and reveling in wins. But my very first real estate transaction will always stand out in my mind; clients who became dear friends and after five other offers we closed on their dream property at $2.5 million. We celebrated with a party in their new neighborhood and had a food truck and lawn games so they could meet the neighbors. That memory is priceless to me and set a standard for my practice.